I have what it takes! And you do too my dear!

I have what it takes! And you do too my dear!

I woke up today (Christmas day no less) thinking 'I have what it takes!' Like a fierce 'I have what it takes' too! And I don't normally wake up thinking much of anything (except where's the f'n snooze button).... so this thought brought tears to my eyes! Tears of pride! Let me tell you why.

In three days, it will have been six months! Six months since I sold my very first items through this boutique. Two pairs of floral sunglasses to a Miss Christine Church (well Spence, but I know her as Church) and a Miss Sarah Wild Wright! I wasn't even 'supposed to' (as if there were actually rules in a handbook somewhere to follow on how to start a business) launch until two weeks later (July 16). But I already had all my products, had done my first big photoshoot, and my website was technically ready to go (for the most part)! 

Another friend Krista Hillenbrand, had texted the night before saying 'tomorrow is National Sunglasses day! Just thought you might want to know for Thongin' It!' 

Tomorrow?? I thought. Hmmm. That's really soon. I don't think I can do anything with that information. BUT getting into the entrepreneurial spirit, I spent a few hours online that night setting up my website even more (so it was truly ready) and creating some ads to post on social media. I'd be running my first flash Sale.... $9.99 for these silly fun floral sunglasses. 

Now none of this is actually why my accidental morning mantra (I have what it takes!) brought tears to my eyes. This is really why...

Starting this business has been everything I ever wanted (I've always known I needed to run my own business), BUT it's been hard as heck too! Things will be great - and then, all of the sudden, even though sales are still increasing and all seems well, I start questioning everything!

And there have been times that I wondered, will this aspect of it ever get easier? It's ALWAYS (in my case anyway) insecurities that have been triggered (often for reasons I don't understand at all). 

I also believe what so many have said about the fact that we are uncomfortable with being too happy. Too successful. Too proud. And by 'too,' I just mean more than what we are used to. So this threshold is different for all of us, and mine was pretty darn low!

I have been pushing my low threshold all year - and let me tell you it hasn't been easy!! It's been PAINFUL. 

Just two days ago on Social Media, I posted 'don't you just hate when you are so excited about life that you can't even nap?' And because of how well business is going - and what my big plans are for this next year - I really was SUPER excited! Yet the next day (yesterday), I started to question it. I started to feel those little insecurities (those damn insecurities) pop-up again. And I honestly thought to myself 'Oh here we go again!' 'How bad is it going to get this time?' 'Maybe my mom is right, I'm clearly bi-polar'. Lol - yep my mind goes there. 

I really thought I'd be down for a few days here too. Because unfortunately - insecurities, anxiety (or whatever you may struggle with) don't take holidays!  

BUT - as I said, I woke up today and the first words I thought were simply 'I have what it takes!' Oh crap, tearing up again!

I don't know exactly where these words came from and what context they were meant for. I just know they are true! I totally have what it takes! I have what it takes to keep pushing my own personal thresholds of happiness, success and pride!

I know that what I do and post makes some people uncomfortable. Heck, it makes ME uncomfortable! But I've lived in my comfortable zone enough years now to know that I don't grow much there - not really! And I definitely won't create the life of my dreams there. 

I'm sharing this side of things because if I really do keep pushing my own boundaries and creating a life of abundance for myself. Abundance of happiness, success (whatever that looks like for me), and pride. Then it's so important to me that I'm super transparent along the way (like this blog post) because I don't want to get there alone! I want to take you ALL with me! Because we all deserve it and we ALL have it what it takes!

And that is what this little online boutique is all about!!

So cheers to the holidays! Thank you for being with me on this journey, and know that whatever today (and the rest of your life brings you) .... YOU have what it takes!

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