My Story
What's with the name?
This little tee company was originally gonna be named after chasing something quite a bit lighter than thunder (think joy, happiness, sunshine, rainbows). And in the end, that’s absolutely what we’re after. Bring on all the smiles!

BUT also let it be known that we’re no stranger to stormy weather here. Life gets hard, really f*cking hard. Sometimes for just a little while, and for a specific reason. Sometimes for a long time and for what seems like no reason at all. And we’re not here to sugar coat that, avoid or deny that, or shame that. No! We’re here to embrace that! We’re here to embrace you!

Our values

Love | Equality | Inclusivity | Peace | Freedom | Courage | Spirit

A little bit
about me
I’ve struggled personally with my own mental health (particularly anxiety and depression) for just about as long as I can remember. I certainly have had some good periods and I’ve accomplished some pretty cool things in life that I’m super proud of too. My struggles don’t define me, but they have helped shape me.

I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter how high you climb or how far away or how many treasures you have in your backpack! Your personal cloud follows you everywhere, and sometimes it’s just gonna rain. It’s not about figuring out how to turn it off (because quite frankly, sometimes you just can’t), but about dancing in it. Dancing in the rain.
Let's Be Besties
What Does chasing thunder really mean?
It means embracing the storms in our lives, knowing that they, too, are a part of nature. The worst of times will pass, and we’ll be left with the sunshine and rainbow. But as for now? Let’s try and dance anyway!

It means owning your roar. The loudness of it. The boldness of it. The uniquely you of it. And not silencing it for anyone. Not your roar of laughter, love and light - nor your roar of pain, grief and darkness. You are worthy and loved through the good times and the bad.

It means not being afraid to break the rules. It’s ok to be the lightness and the darkness, even both at the same time.