The pair of leggings that taught me a HUGE life & business lesson.

The pair of leggings that taught me a HUGE life & business lesson.

In a nutshell the lesson was: Stay in your own lane girl! So how did a pair of leggings teach me this lesson? Read on!

Did you know that when I first launched - I really did want to sell leggings right away, but I held back! Do you know why? Because I was worried about the intense leggings competition out there. You know who I'm talking about! And if you don't know who, I ain't telling you girlfriend! You'll just have to keep buying MY amazing leggings and NEVER go elsewhere! LMAO

Ok, all jokes aside, I really feared the competition. I feared that I couldn't compete. I feared that it wouldn't be worth it to even try to compete. I was nervous, and even a bit envious. And I Kept. Looking. Over. I was not AT ALL in my own lane. I was swerving, and getting car sick, and running out of gas on the freeway because I was looking at that amazingly colorful car next to me instead of at my bright orange gas light. 

Then one day, as I was shopping for new inventory, I saw a pair of tribal elephant leggings. I thought to myself: 'Those are so cute and my customers seem to adore elephants! I doubt they are as soft as (insert competitors name here), but you never know. Maybe I should just buy a package and see for myself.'

Well, low and f'n behold, when I received them --- they were the EXACT same super-soft material as the competitors. And they would even move on to be my very best selling product ever (leggings in general, but particularly these tribal elephant leggings)!

And the thing is, it wasn't my competitions fault that I didn't find my best-selling product sooner. It was MY fault, because I wasn't staying in my own damn lane. 

Anyway the point is - there will always be competition and there is a never a right time to act. There is a wrong time though. And that time is never. So I hope you feel empowered today to stay in your own lane too, and not to worry about that Porsche next to you. Just do you doll! And remember, I'm only a message away!

PS: I've actually carried three different designs of tribal elephant leggings, and all have been hot-sellers. But this was the first (and most-popular) that I've carried and it's back for a limited time only! If you didn't catch a pair of these when they first came out, grab your pair now here:

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