Thongin' It and Politics

Thongin' It and Politics

I’ve held my tongue in regards to what is going on politically for quite a while now - because, well ... I own a small business. A small business that I have invested so much of my financial, emotional and physical resources into since launching just this past July. A small business that is in it’s most vulnerable stage of life - the very beginning. Every little thing matters at this point. Every relationship. Every interaction. Every. Single. Social Media Post.

HOWEVER, I did not actually start this business to sell clothing, accessories and footwear. I started this business to make a statement - that more is possible if we dream big, do the work, and remain committed no matter how difficult or impossible things may seem to be. And, I started this business to inspire and empower other women to do these things too in their own lives. Yes, specifically women - not that I don’t also want men to dream big and achieve, but they have their own role models.

And it is because of this, because of my true purpose here, that I can’t remain quiet any longer. And, in fact, I regret not doing this much sooner. There will be no hate or anger in my message. I am not angry. I do not hate anyone (not even Trump). I am, however, saddened that we live in a society where we don’t seem to know the difference between being politically incorrect and being an actual racist/homophobic/sexist/classist/etc. Or perhaps we do know the difference, but we now believe these things are ok.

“But he just says what everyone else is thinking, and is too afraid to say!” Good lord/higher power/buddha or whatever the hell else it is that you look up to, I pray this isn’t true. I pray that even though Trump won the electoral vote and was elected as President of the United States this year - that it doesn’t really mean that everyone agrees with even a quarter of what he has said. Because, without stating that he is 100% racist, sexist or homophobic himself - I am at least confident in stating that many of the words and sentences that he has strung together (during his campaign and beforehand) have definitely been racist, sexist, homophobic and classist in nature.

Being politically correct is optional (in my books). Cuss up a storm! Break society's standards. Go smoke pot up the wazoo. But don’t put down anyone else for their ethnicity, educational or financial status, gender or disability. And for heaven's sake, be humble!

Trump is President. Ok. This is where we are right now. I’m not saying this is the end of the world. But as a society - please tell me you are on my side at least in terms of the way that we will continue to treat other people. About the way that we will allow others to treat other people (we can’t just remain silent). About the way that we will raise our children to treat other people.

Again being politically correct is optional, treating others with the dignity and respect they deserve is NOT. And if we can all remember that, no matter who the leaders of our country are - then we can continue to move forward as a nation despite our circumstances.


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