Thongin' It & Femininity

Thongin' It & Femininity

On the topic of feminism. 

One thing that is important to me as I build this company is that I make a difference in other women's lives. In young girl's and teenage girl's lives. In female's lives, in general. 

I'm not just trying to sell cute products. In fact, the products themselves were an afterthought. The idea of a company that inspires other women is what really came first. 

I've never thought of myself as a 'die-hard' feminist - though of course I agree that we are as capable as men, and deserve the same rights/roles/responsibilities/pay/respect/dignity/etc. as men. I also agree with the idea that what we really need to be striving for, as a community, is equalism. That the focus should be on empowering each other (men AND women), rather than competing. That our focus should be to bring both genders up, but to a level of equality - rather than push either gender down in order for one to be the 'greater' gender. 

But there is a new twist that I think is really important to talk about today. I think that it is important not to lose our femininity in order to be equal to men. Women have fought long and hard to be considered equal. To be considered the same as man. And I understand that the fight is not over yet. But I think that now is the time for us all to embrace our femininity AS we continue on our plight towards complete equality. Whereas in the past, not wearing a bra or shaving our legs, and working in a field composed primarily of men, was such a bold statement to make. Such a step in the right direction for us. The goal before was to prove that we were the same as men. Equal meant: the same. But now I think the goal is (or needs to be) for us to prove that we are NOT the same as men, but that we are just as capable of greatness anyway! Equal now means: different, but still equal. 

Now, I don't mean to say that a woman should not choose to do without bras or shaving. If a woman feels called not to do those things - for any reason, then she should not do those things! If a women feels called to work in construction, truck-driving, or any other male-dominated field, then heck yes - she should do those things. 

BUT, I no longer think we have to deny our femininity (whatever that means for each of us individually) in order to prove ourselves, in order to fight for our equality. I think there is a great power in standing up and saying: YES I'm a woman, I'm feminine. I'm different than a man, but I'm just as powerful!

It's important to me that as I grow this business, I'm transparent with my beliefs, and that I voice them. Because this is really what it is all about to me. So yes, I call my customers ladies. I use cute emojis at every opportunity. I play Spice Girls and Katy Perry at my in-home pop-up boutiques. I sell lacy, flowery tanks mostly in pastel colors. This is what MY femininity looks like (others may look very different, and that's great too).

So yes, I fully promote femininity. AND I'm a business owner. I call myself an entrepreneuress not because I think I have to distinguish myself as a female business owner - but because I get to do that today. I don't have to hide my femininity in order to be successful. And even further, I MUST not hide it! 

What are your thoughts, ladies!?!?!?

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