What's with the CRAZY name?

This is something I've wanted to address for a while. Not because I HAVE to. But just because I want to. 

My business name. Thongin' It. 

The simple answer is that I chose this name when I was just 19 years old, bright-eyed and bushy tailed about starting a new business adventure (not unlike when I ran a palm reading stand at age 7). I'd always wanted to start a business (I mean always). I LOVED thongs (yep, the panties) and flip-flops. So, I thought (at 19, a bit over 10 years ago now) I'd set up an online shop slangin' the two. And by the way, YES I did think I was very clever with the name (I still do, but that's another matter). 

Way back then, I did do a TON of work. I spent hours and hours working on my website (this was before Shopify and Facebook made it all so easy too), got an 800 number (cuz that was just too cool and profesh), and started ordering my goods to resell. Well, this is about as far as I got. It was pretty far, but no cigar. I really can't pinpoint exactly what happened. I just basically did much of the legwork of starting the business, but just never bothered pressing 'GO.' 

Oh right, can't forget that during all of this, I paid $300 for this logo (yes, it still cracks me up ... the logo I mean, not the money spent - no regrets!): 

Ok, now for the more complex answer. When I let this amazing business idea go, I REALLY let it go. In fact, it became a very distant memory (I was only reminded of it when I did spring cleaning and saw the thong I had custom made in my delicates drawer that said 'A Girl's Just Gotta Go Thongin' It'). 

So years later, when I was rolling around in the middle of the night contemplating the meaning of life and what the fuck I was going to do with mine (I was very very sick, out on disability from work, and afraid to get better just to go back to my boring passionless dayjob). It hit me. It wasn't immediate. I was actually trying to look up wholesale leggings thinking maybe I could jump on this whole 'super soft legging' craze, but I needed a seller's permit first. So, from my phone at midnight, I proceeded to fill out the online application for a CA seller's permit - only I needed to fill in a business name. LIGHTBULB. OMG, could it be that this dream had come back to me for a revival????? Thongin' It!

So - I fucking ran with it. As fast as my chubby little legs could run. And I haven't stopped, to be honest. I pressed GO this time, I pressed GO big time and I made sure everyone knew about it too. Have I made mistakes? Oh hell yeah I have. Have I profited yet? Haha, not much to be real. But I keep learning, and growing and running - even getting back up after I fall. And I've fallen hard during this adventure so far (multiple times), I mean this shit is really tough and for reasons you never would have thought of too. 

So. While I don't sell thongs or flip-flops anymore (except at festivals, I always have some flip-flops for sell because you never know when someone is going to come up to you with a blister on their heel from their boots, or a broken sandal strap - and you know this is the perfect opportunity to be the only vendor with sandals), this name means so much more to me.

I've contemplated changing it. Mostly because of what OTHER people think. And, sure, sometimes I do feel silly about it. Like when I'm arriving at an event, and have to state and then re-state my business name like four times (because the fella is sure he heard me wrong, like four times). But you know what? FUCK IT. I'm not doing this for other people, I'm doing this for me. Well - I take that back. My real drive has always been to inspire others (to chase after their own wild and crazy dreams too), and how the fuck can I inspire anyone if I'm not being true to myself? How can I inspire anyone if I just give in and conform? How can I inspire anyone if I doubt myself? 

Do I always feel as sure as I feel right this moment? Absolutely not! But I do right now, and that's really all that matters. 

Again, I share this not because I owe anyone an explanation for my crazy business name (that has absolutely nothing to do with what I currently sell), but because I do absolutely owe all of you my best, greatest, truest, boldest self. And I want you all to know that I'm damn proud of my business and it's name. Time will tell how far I'll actually be able to keep running with it. But just for today, I've got my running shoes on and I'm ready to take this bitch all the way! 

Soooo .... join me! Be bold. Don't conform just to conform. And gosh darnit, name your business whatever the fuck you want to name your business. If it means something to you, then it's important!

Cheeeers and love!

- Angela


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