Your blocks can stop you or strengthen you.

Your blocks can stop you or strengthen you.

I have no idea how this business looks in the eyes of anyone else (nor is that really my business, to be honest). I only know it's been a helluva ride so far, and has definitely been full of both challenges and successes.

Every other week (or so it seems), I can be found in bed, curled up in a fetal position, crying & wondering whether I'm inspiring other women (like I want) or irritating them. Wondering whether I will make it from point A (having the dream and even taking the first steps) to point B (reaching the level of success where my business sustains my life and I'm able to hire and pay other women to help me). Wondering whether my investments (of financial & emotional resources and time) will continue to come back to me. And finally, wondering whether I really am this amazing, strong, courageous, inspiring female business owner - or if perhaps what I really am is just a joke. Yes, a joke. My mind really goes there. 

I've hit a ton of blocks (mental/physical/financial) on my small-business-owners journey so far - and each one could have stopped me. Each one. But instead, I adapted and grew however I had to in order to grow through each challenge and come out stronger on the other side. So I continue to grow my customer-base each month. I continue to increase my sales each month. I begin to believe in myself and the future of my business more and more each month. 

What are your blocks?? Yes, really. Those thoughts stewing around in the back of your head - that tell you your dream is silly. That voice that tells you you aren't worth any more that what you have been given. That belief inside that life is just supposed to be full of suffering and pain. Those are BLOCKS. Will you let them stop you - or strengthen you??


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