My Mission

Plain and simple. I have only one mission with this little online boutique! And that is: to inspire other women (and myself) to live their wildest and craziest dreams. To never settle for a life that doesn't feel worth living.

My life is no where near THERE yet. I make mistakes. I weigh too damn much. I fight with my boyfriend all the fucking time (scratch that - I finally left him). I offend people sometimes. And that's only the beginning. 

The point is - I absolutely don't have it all figured out yet. Actually, I'm confident I never will. But I am committed to never letting the fire and passion inside me burn out.

And yes, that light can get pretty dim sometimes (ok, let's be real, very very dim sometimes). But it is the challenges, the failures, the mistakes, the heartbreaks. Those are the things that mold us into our best selves. Those are the things we must muster the strength and courage to fight through, always, if we want to reach the top of OUR mountain (whatever the top of our mountain looks like). 

Now, what does this all have to do with clothing? Fuck if I know! But hey you're here, you're following my journey. Might as well buy some cute clothes along the way!


- Angela