Fulfillment/Drop-Ship Services

Thongin' It Boutique Fulfillment/Drop-Ship Services (for US orders)!

Do you run an online boutique that carries (or would like to carry) women's clothing and accessories (such as leggings, wallets, scarves, tops, etc.)? If so, I'd love to help you increase your sales and profits by offering to drop-ship any of the items in my inventory to YOUR customers (in the US)! Your profit will be at least 20% (20% is based on using my suggested retail prices - but you are free to use whatever retail prices you want).
Why drop-ship with Thongin' It?? 

When I launched my little online boutique, I never even thought about drop-shipping or using any outside fulfillment services. And I never thought about these things because the entire customer experience was just way too important to me to trust this to someone else (especially in the beginning)!

I wanted to be sure of the quality of each and every item I sold, and I wanted to make sure I was correctly describing each item to the customer before they purchased. I wanted to be able to take great care with the packaging and promotional materials I include in each shipment (down to the colors of the packaging, the handwritten thank you note, and the tissue that their items are wrapped in). I wanted my very own unique product images on my website using models that were real, fun and personable. And, finally, I wanted to get my customers orders out to them ASAP!!! Like today! 

These are all the same reasons why you should drop-ship from my inventory! You can use my images/product descriptions (for the sole purpose of drop-shipping my items only**), you can be sure that each order is going to be shipped out the same or next day AND I won't treat your customers orders any differently than my own. I will check each item for quality purposes (no damaged goods being sent out), and I have already made sure that my product descriptions are accurate (no surprised/upset customers when they receive their order and it isn't as described).

Also, I can/will gladly insert any promotional/branding materials that you send me (price tags, business cards, thank you notes, etc.), and I will NOT include any Thongin' It Boutique branding - these are YOUR customers. I offer a 90-Day return policy that will apply to your customers orders, and I will work with you and your customer if a return/exchange is needed. Customers will also appreciate that their orders are being sent from within the US, rather than from overseas 

If your bottom line is profit and you are all about quantity of sales - by all means this opportunity may not be for you. But if your bottom line is authentic customer growth (customers that grow with your business, recommend you to their friends and continue to re-order themselves) then don't trust your customers orders to be handled by just anyone! Trust ME! You can check out the reviews on my website and I am always available by email (angela@thonginit.com) to answer any further questions you may have (now and in the future). 

Looking forward to working with you!

Oh and here is exactly how it works!

  1. Check out my website and the products I offer here: www.thonginit.com. Figure out which of my products (maybe just one of them, maybe all of them) you would like to sell on YOUR website! At the moment, the wallets and the graphic holiday tops are not available for drop-shipping. However, the leggings, tops and scarves are! 
  2. Once you figure out what you would like to carry on your website, I will e-mail you the images/product descriptions that you may use on your website (these are real photos of real people IN these products)! I will also email you pricing guidelines, so that you know what to set your prices at in order to earn at least a 20% profit from any and all items that I drop-ship to your customers. 
  3. Just upload/add the images/products you have chosen to your website as you would any other product. 
  4. One thing for us both to keep in mind are our inventory levels. I will alert you when an item you are carrying is running low (4 or less in stock). So, I would recommend setting your inventory levels at 4 to be safe. At least in the beginning. This should avoid any 'out of stock' issues where you may otherwise have to let a customer know that the item they ordered is out of stock and proceed with a substitution or refund. 
  5. Once your customers order from you - just turn around and order from my website using your unique drop-ship code (one will be assigned to you) at checkout for 20% off the order. The profit (20%) is yours to keep. Be sure to use your customers shipping address upon checkout (although if you forget, just reach out to me immediately and we will get that sorted out)!
  6. At this point, I will (same day or next day) package your customers order (I can include your price tags, business cards, thank you notes, etc.) and ship it directly to them. Other than the shipped from address - your customers order will have NO Thongin' It branding included. Their items will be quality checked personally by me, wrapped in tissue, affixed with thank you stickers and sent in a poly-mailer (again, I can include your own branding materials, if you mail them to me for use).